Kensington, MD Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Now Win, No Fee Service Updated

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The Kensington branch of Maryland’s largest network of personal injury lawyers, Maryland Injury Guys (240-331-5585), has updated its legal services for individuals injured in bicycle accidents.

The law practice’s updated services include legal assistance for individuals who have been hurt in bicycle incidents involving third parties. Maryland Injury Guys Kensington counsels clients on their rights and the numerous options for securing monetary compensation for their losses and injuries while explaining the legal realities of their position in the context of relevant case law.

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Injured parties and their families can now contact Maryland Injury Guys Kensington’s 24-hour accident helpline to speak with a lawyer and determine whether there may be cause for legal action. Bicycle road accidents are common, and they can cause significant injuries and even loss of life. However, bicycle accident personal injury lawsuits can be complicated – various laws can be used to establish who caused the accident and who is liable for the damages.

On average, a dozen people are killed, and well over 700 bike riders are injured in the 830 bicycle accidents that occur in the state of Maryland every year – with the Baltimore/Washington D.C. metro area ranking third nationally in terms of the worst areas for traffic. Traffic-related bike accidents are typically caused by driver negligence. A successful claimant must demonstrate that his or her accident was the direct result of a driver’s negligence – running a red light, talking on the phone, speeding, and failure to yield are usual examples.

The bicycle accident lawyers at Maryland Injury Guys Kensington have fought for the rights of personal injury victims for many years. They offer superior client service and tenacious legal representation to give bike accident victims the greatest chance of receiving compensation – fighting for their clients to secure a fair payment to cover present and future medical costs, lost wages, and any potential mental and physical stress brought on by their accidents.

Liability in bicycle accidents is established based on how much care was necessary on the part of the driver to prevent the incident – whether he or she met the criteria for ‘driving responsibly.’ If a victim is unsure whether he or she has a justifiable case, Maryland Injury Guys recommend calling in for a consultation.

One client commented: “Working with MD Injury Guys is something I highly recommend. One of my clients was severely injured when he was struck by a car while biking in Kensington. Thank you Aaron; you did a terrific job representing my client and assisting him in obtaining a very favorable settlement.”

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