Audio Quality Essential For Engaging Podcasts, Says New 2023 Trends Report

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Voices releases its 2023 Annual Trends Report. The world’s leading voice over marketplace lists the three trends that are expected to shape the voice talent and podcast industries.

The new 2023 trends report explains that audio quality and experience will determine how successful a podcast or audio recording will be. Today’s consumers expect any audio-only series to be well executed, particularly in terms of sound quality.

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In the new report, Voices discusses the importance of audio quality when hiring a voice actor. Nearly 60% of its surveyed respondents said that they wanted their podcasts to have clear quality, even more than vocal performance, which was only considered important by 43%.

In fact, a study conducted by the University of Southern California and Australia National University found that poor sound quality determined how well an audience perceived the reliability of the content. The researchers presented the same podcast episode to a group of listeners, except one of the samples had reduced audio quality. Despite having the same content, the poorer quality podcast was deemed to be less reliable, with the host even being regarded as less intelligent and less likable compared to his better audio quality counterpart.

The new report states that high audio quality allows listeners to make better emotional connections with the podcast host. With a higher level of quality, voices tend to come across as more authentic, which consequently makes the audience more interested in what is being said.

Voices clarifies that businesses that are interested in starting their own podcast in the new year or want to boost their existing audio series should consider their audio quality first. Only afterward can they think about finding a professional voice actor, as needed.

Voices features a diverse talent pool of over 2 million talents across 160 countries.

As seen in the report, “In our 2022 Trends Report, we identified the need for “brands to meet consumers’ desires for more candid, honest, and human-feeling interactions in place of the standard highly-polished and perfectly poised content we’ve grown accustomed to”. This emotional, human-first strategy will continue to be important for your audio content to stand out in 2023.”

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