Biophysics Maskless Laser Lithography System For High Precision: Updates

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miDALIX’s flagship DaLI maskless lithography system has been updated to better meet the needs of users in the biophysics sector.

Maskless lithography company miDALIX has expanded its services to provide companies in the biophysics sector with a robust lithography system for a variety of applications.

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Coming after a series of updates designed to facilitate lithography solutions for various sectors, the announcement brings an efficient maskless solution for research institutes, laboratories, universities, and other organizations.

The company’s tabletop maskless lithography system – DaLI – is designed for all standard photoresists and makes the process accessible even for users without previous experience. Since it doesn’t require a mask, the DaLI removes the challenge of sample-to-mask alignment. This allows for easier design updates and saves time and money for the user.

Ideal for cutting-edge applications in biophysics, the DaLI offers ultra-precise direct-write lithography on samples in the micrometer range. The integrated software ensures smooth operation from setup and calibration to direct conversion of CAD drawings, and acousto-optic deflectors combine with stabilized laser technology for increased precision.

“Maskless photolithography is implemented by a near-UV laser source paired with acousto-optic deflectors (AOD) for quick and precise laser beam guiding, rapidly illuminating structures with nanometer precision on the material,” explains the company. “The high light intensity achieved by using a laser source enables fast movement between regions of the sample according to structure design and optimized by software algorithms.”

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The versatile design and high precision make the DaLI a suitable choice for biophysical designs and experiments.

“Photoresist materials can either directly serve as a base layer for biophysical experiments, with surfaces modified through lithographic steps, or can be used to emboss the textured surface to other biocompatible materials,” miDALIX explains.

“Photoresist surface texturing is achieved with precise control of illumination parameters, resulting in various textures exhibiting different physical properties to control flows, biocompatibility, or friction,” they added.

About miDALIX

Founded in 2017 by Anže Jerič, Dušan Babić, and Igor Poberaj, miDALIX has grown into a leading provider of maskless lithography solutions for clients in fields ranging from materials science to quantum optics, microfluidics, microelectronics, and many others.

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