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Axiom Physiotherapy (512-808-3904) has updated its services and is now offering manual physical therapy to facilitate recovery from injury.

The updated service combines physical therapy and joint manipulation techniques to stimulate healing and promote blood circulation in the injured area. In between sessions, patients are given a personalized recovery exercise program to do at home to help them recover faster.

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The physiotherapy center’s newest service update coincides with a study published by Wyss Institute and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which talks about the benefits of massage in injury recovery. According to the report, massage therapy is helpful in decreasing inflammation and triggering the body’s natural healing mechanism. This lessens the need for pharmaceutical intervention and gives patients a sense of relaxation and wellness.

At Axiom Physiotherapy, treatment begins with an assessment of the injury. The trained physical therapists will gather information about how the injury happened, what treatments the patient is currently on, and what other areas are impacted by the injury.

Many people think that an injury happens to an isolated joint, but that is rarely the case. The physiotherapy center explains that injuries usually impact several other areas, too. The most common is the surrounding areas or muscles, which Axiom Physiotherapy also treats to help the patient recover fully.

Axiom Physiotherapy’s physical therapists use the knowledge they have on biomechanics, pathoanatomy, and tissue physiology to provide comprehensive care for their patients. All of the therapists have clinical doctorates in the musculoskeletal system and have extensive knowledge of different types of injuries.

Patients do not get the same routine every single session. What patients do during each session depends on what they need that day. However, the ultimate goal is to minimize pain and discomfort, and regain mobility and peak performance levels.

About the Company

Axiom Physiotherapy was founded by Dr. Ben Shook, who has a doctorate in physical therapy and is also a certified orthopedic manual therapist. He specializes in biomechanics and custom foot orthotic fabrication, high-speed running analysis, and soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques.

“In manual therapy, we use our hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints in an attempt to decrease pain caused by muscle spasms, muscle tension, and joint dysfunction,” a company representative said.

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