My Tooth Media Launches Hyper-Local Content Marketing Services For Dentists

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Dental marketing specialist My Tooth Media is announcing a new brand awareness content strategy that helps dentists, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, and other dental specialists improve their online exposure for higher Google rankings and an increase in prospect client inquiries.

The new hyper-local marketing service is designed to help dental practice owners improve their local online presence and attract new client business. ‘My Tooth Media’ specializes in crafting targeted, high-visibility content that places niche dental clinics in front of online audiences searching for what they offer.

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Recent reports reveal competition in the clinic dental market is anticipated to increase significantly between 2022 and 2028. The recently expanded services at specialized digital agency ‘My Tooth Media’ help business owners in the dental sector increase brand awareness and boost office inquiries through targeted, multi-platform content and advanced SEO strategies.

SEO-enhanced content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways any business owner can use to improve their search engine rankings to attract new customers. The campaigns created at ‘My Tooth Media’ are specially formulated to benefit dentists and dental specialists by engaging and educating target audiences and building authority within their niche.

‘My Tooth Media’ pairs consistent, high-value content with innovative marketing strategies that deliver extended reach and improved search engine rankings.

The process begins with a client consultation that clarifies goals, target audiences, keywords, and more. From there, the agency’s writers and SEO strategists create informative, feature content to build multimedia campaigns that are deployed across hundreds of high-profile platforms. This combination of compelling headlines and engaging content quickly accumulates audience clicks and website visits.

The resulting increase in cross-platform engagement and website clicks alerts Google’s algorithm which then assigns the content a higher value designation and boosts its positioning on the local SERPs (search engine results pages.) The strategy improves dental practices’ chances to see first-page Google listings and 3-Pack placements.

‘My Tooth Media’s’ departure from traditional ad agency tactics also includes an inbound strategy that doesn’t “sell” their clients’ services to prospective clients, but rather works to inform and engage audiences in a way today’s savvy consumers respond to. The strategy helps seal authority and creates top-of-mind awareness.

With their newly updated strategies, ‘My Tooth Media’ helps dental practitioners compete against larger dental operations with cost-effective content that boosts new patient inquiries, improves market share, and facilitates sustainable growth.

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