Annapolis Gas Explosion Personal Injury Law Firm, No Win No Fee Service Updated

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Annapolis, Maryland-based personal injury law firm, Maryland Injury Guys Annapolis (888-444-6132), has recently updated its legal services for individuals affected by gas explosion accidents.

The Annapolis personal injury attorneys have expanded their services with a 24/7 injury helpline and legal consultations to help victims of gas explosion accidents and their loved ones seek financial restitution for accident costs.

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As part of its updated legal services, Maryland Injury Guys Annapolis offers clients no-obligation case reviews and the advantages of a no-win, no-fee policy, by which clients may fully recover their legal fees if their case is not successful.

According to a recent report by the TexPIRG Education Fund, a non-profit environmental advocacy group, about 2,600 cases of methane leaks in the U.S. gas pipeline system have been reported to the government over the past decade. This number averages out to one serious gas leak every 40 hours.

The report also recorded that the 2,600 cases resulted in 328 explosions, killing 122 people and injuring over 600. Gas leaks become a more serious matter when they lead to explosions, which can have effects comparable to minor earthquakes and can destroy entire homes and neighborhood blocks. The resulting injuries can be as serious as those caused by a bomb detonation.

Given the potential seriousness of the injuries caused by gas explosions and their attendant costs, Maryland Injury Guys Annapolis is dedicated to helping relieve accident victims of those costs as much as possible. They seek the maximum compensation available for their clients to give them the best possible chance of recovery from injuries and other personal hardships incurred.

The attorneys will conduct a case review to help clients determine the parties liable for the explosion and what legal actions may be taken against them. If the explosion occurred at work, the Maryland Injury Guys will help victims properly file a workers’ compensation claim to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs.

“Injury victims deserve to have the chance to heal from their ailments without having to worry about their compensation being denied,” a spokesperson for the firm said. “We are passionate about getting our clients the maximum compensation for their case because we understand how much it means to them and how much they need it to get back on their feet.”

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