How To Deal With a Toxic, No Good, Very Bad Roommate

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( — February 4, 2023) — Are you newly independent?

When you go apartment hunting, you’ll often find shared houses with other tenants. Studies show that 79 million American adults live in shared households.

Living in this setup comes with many benefits. You share chores, make new friends, and have more fun with your roommate. You can also save money by splitting the bills on rent and utilities.

Unfortunately, not all shared living situations are ideal, and you’ll get a bad roommate. Learn how to deal with roommate problems below!

Create a Roommate Contract

When you’re renting an apartment with other tenants, it’s essential to have a lease agreement. This allows you to set boundaries with your new housemates. These contracts often include guest policies, a cleaning schedule, and rent responsibilities.

If you have other concerns, ask your roommate before putting them in the agreement. For example, you can include pet restrictions! By setting rules and boundaries from the start, you can avoid roommate problems in the future.

Address Problems Right Away

If your roommate does something you don’t like, it’s best to confront them instead of allowing the wound to fester. Bringing up your concerns immediately will prevent bad behavior from becoming a habit.

Settle your disputes in a calm and mature manner. Shouting at your roommate can only result in more issues in the future.

Start the conversation with your concerns and how these affect you. Doing so makes your roommate feel respected and invested in resolving the problem.

Work Together to Solve Problems

After telling the problem, let your roommate speak. Remember, the matter involves both of you.

When thinking of a resolution, you and your roommate must work together. If you find the issue covered in the contract, solving it becomes easy. Come up with something that works for both of you.

For instance, your roommate keeps inviting people into your apartment. Your roommate may have frequent guests who tend to overstay their welcome. As a solution, you can set a time when to accept visitors.

Seek Help

While you can resolve most disputes with an adult conversation, there are some cases that you simply can’t handle alone. Some people struggle with roommates who are total slobs or don’t want to pay their share of the bills.

If this is your problem, go to your landlord and tell them about the situation. Often, they can tell you what to do, such as reporting the other party to the authorities. 

You can also sue roommate for unpaid rent.

To do this, prepare all necessary documents and file a notice of claim. Asking for help from other people can make the situation much more manageable.

How to Deal With a Bad Roommate

Now you know how to deal with a bad roommate. While shared living definitely has its benefits, some people will make you think you’re better off living alone. You can meet a bad roommate who is messy, insensitive, or misses payments.

To avoid these issues, refer to this guide and make changes to your home. Did you find this article helpful? Consider checking out our other blog posts for more great content.