Contingent Workforce MSP | Talent Pool Assessments & Direct Sourcing Updated

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Workforce innovation company Prosperix is updating its contingent workforce MSP with precision talent pool assessments and direct sourcing capabilities to manage end-to-end worker lifecycles.

The newly updated service ensures third-party worker and contractor recruitment is as error-proof as it is future-proof. With AI-based on-demand access to extensive talent pools, along with skills assessments and direct sourcing capabilities, Prosperix curates and onboards precisely targeted talent and manages recruitment lifecycles to help partnering companies build a best-in-class workforce commensurate with their organizational culture.

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Prosperix takes a consultative approach to helping clients identify and source the ideal applicant for any number of roles in any sector. Newly updated services assume the administrative and logistical burden associated with contingent workforce onboarding and management so client HR departments can focus on core company and employee needs.

With on-demand talent pools, partnering companies can scale teams as necessary, build talent pipelines, and hire for hard-to-fill positions. Onboarding and acclimation processes get new talent up to speed quickly and efficiently without draining HR resources or interrupting team performances.

The agency’s AI and machine learning algorithms match customized company specifications, including skill and experience; in-office, hybrid, and remote worker requirements; and independent contractor eligibility and certification requirements with the right talent for the job.

Direct sourcing services extend a company’s reach to find quality candidates and expedite time-to-hire processes. Prosperix also boosts brand awareness to increase qualified candidate engagement across platforms that include LinkedIn, appropriate job boards, various websites, freelance hubs, and remote or offshore talent pools.

The process enhances the candidate experience with appropriate position recommendations so neither the applicant nor the company wastes time with an ill-fitting opportunity. The service therefore improves candidate conversion rates and eliminates friction while reducing hiring costs and promotional spend.

As the Employer of Record, Prosperix manages all contingent workforce tasks. Services include supplier management, requisition and distribution intake, candidate sourcing, timesheet collection, payroll, billing and benefits, pay rate analysis, crucial compliance management, performance reviews, and more.

A long-time client says, “Prosperix is a robust, end-to-end offering that is built for and aligned with today’s agile business environment, especially considering its wide range of innovative technology.”

With services that leverage AI algorithms and machine learning to optimize talent pool assessments and direct sourcing initiatives, Prosperix reduces the time and cost associated with engaging, evaluating, onboarding and managing a contingent workforce for increased efficiencies and improved company performance.

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