Light Roast Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee, Fresh Roasted To Order Launched

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GoCoffeeGo LLC, an online retailer that specializes in specialty coffees, has launched a new selection of light roast Ethiopia single origin coffee.

Their new light roast Ethiopian coffees are made from premium organic and certified fair trade beans that have been naturally processed according to the highest standards. Like all of GoCoffeeGo’s boutique brews, their new Ethiopian single origin coffees are also fresh roasted to order. The coffee cultivators and brewers believe this gives their drinkers the most rich, aromatic flavors and the smoothest daily cup of Joe.

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GoCoffeeGo’s new Ethiopian beans are also now available on a bulk buy basis, which means that they are now reaching out to both at-home coffee drinkers and to small cafes, diners and businesses across the US who are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality coffee.

GoCoffeeGo’s light roasted single origin Ethiopian brews are made from washed beans that capture the rich and complex flavor notes that the African coffee-growing region has become internationally renowned for. In particular, the brewers have sought to harness the naturally delicate fruity notes of Ethiopian beans.

One popular Ethiopian coffee that can be ordered from their website is Atomic Coffee Roasters’ Ethiopia Kochere. This light and sweet coffee has notes of peach, orange and black tea, with an overall subtle floral aroma.

Also available is Temple Coffee’s Ethiopia Reko, a silky medium light brew with a sweet yet nutty palette and flavors of honey, lemon zest and raspberry.

All of GoCoffeeGo’s light roasted single origin Ethiopian coffees are available in both individual and bulk quantities. Shoppers can also choose between espresso grind, coarse grind, drip grind and whole beans.

In addition to their new Ethiopian collection, GoCoffeeGo LLC also brings their shoppers premium organic light, medium and dark roasts from all around the world. They ship their fresh roasted to order coffees across the United States.

A spokesperson for the boutique coffee retailers said, “Dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in all things coffee, GoCoffeeGo travels to the farthest reaches of the globe to bring the most magical beans from seed to cup, because we believe life is too short for mediocre coffee.”

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