Red Bank, NJ Teen Anxiety & Mental Health Disorder Virtual CBT Sessions Updated

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Scotch Plains-based Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching (1-833-936-1240) has expanded its online and in-person therapy sessions for children and teens suffering from anxiety and depression. The coaching center educates patients on lifelong coping strategies for this type of mental health disorders.

Specializing in coaching kids, teens, and young adults struggling with mental health issues and chronic pain, Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching (KCPC) is announcing more appointment slots to allow more patients to access custom-tailored treatment plans for persistent anxiety and depressive disorders.

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For youth with mental health disorders, who have not fully benefited from traditional counseling, KCPC now takes an integrative wellness approach. This combines allopathic and complementary therapies that help patients heal from core issues and move forward from the past.

This approach empowers patients to overcome negative habits and patterns in their life, using effective tools, techniques, and specific actions. While the integrative approach teaches coping strategies and self-management skills, the patients will also be exposed to traditional counseling sessions for a more well-rounded treatment plan.

A spokesperson for the center states: “Believe it or not, the mental health world has not come to an agreement about core coping categories. Despite there being numerous coping conceptualization proposals, there isn’t one model that everyone follows. Therefore, most mental health professionals use several different methods. We use an amalgamation of behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and integrative therapy techniques.”

​In addition to treating depressive disorders, KCPC also specializes in anxiety disorders such as Agoraphobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

Depending on which type of counseling would be the most beneficial for the patient, KCPC conducts one-on-one coaching or family sessions for children and young adults.

About Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching

Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching was founded by Mental Health and Pain Management Coach Christina H Chororos in 2018. She is an active member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), the U.S. Pain Foundation, the International Pain Foundation (iPain), and the Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA).

Christina H Chororos says of her coaching approach: “As a mental health coach, I teach my clients coping strategies – practical, actionable, problem-solving skills that can be applied so that a person can self-manage difficult situations and emotions, harmful thinking patterns, and impulsive responses and reactions.”

Interested parties can find more details on Christina’s qualifications, KCPC’s services, coaching approach, and treatment plans here