Celebrity Stylists For Hire: Personal Wardrobe & Styling Platform Announced

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Glamhive has announced its professional styling services, allowing global clients access to elite personal stylists right at their fingertips.

The virtual styling platform offers personalized styling services to individuals looking to improve their professional image or add vitality to their wardrobe. With expert personal stylists on hand, Glamhive provides clients with first-class fashion guidance suited to a range of situations, from event dressing and executive styling to self-image makeovers and closet overhauls.

Find out more at hhttps://www.glamhive.com/styling-services

The company aims to democratize personal styling by connecting individuals around the globe with experienced stylists to help them shop for and create the looks they seek.

“We’re here to give women and men everywhere the opportunity to work with a personal stylist one-on-one. I’ve always believed that with the right guidance and expert help, everyone can look like a million bucks and feel like the best version of themselves,” said Stephanie Sprangers, CEO & Founder of Glamhive.

In the current digitized world, personal styling is no longer an exclusive club for the rich and famous. Glamhive provides access to elite celebrity stylists and other top-tier professionals who offer personalized fashion guidance, whether online or in person. The company delivers a comprehensive range of services, including wardrobe advice, complete makeovers, fashion editing, and seasonal updates.

“In the social media age, people have unprecedented access to directly ask their personal fashion questions to experts and everyday influencers,” says Sprangers. “But I realized not everyone has the gumption to contact complete strangers without knowing they’re game to help. I decided to create a service that would connect women and men with the top celebrity and expert stylists in an affordable, attainable way.”

Each stylist has a profile page that provides background on their previous work. The services that they offer and their rates are also supplied on the page, in addition to social media images of past styling jobs. Furthermore, if a potential client is unsure of which stylist to choose, the platform also provides an option for them to be matched with the right stylist.

For the styling services, the client first chooses a stylist or has one chosen for them. Then they have a 20-minute consultation, followed by the specific service required — whether for a seasonal refresh or a special event.

About Glamhive

Founded by Stephanie Sprangers, Glamhive connects elite celebrity and experienced professional stylists with style-seekers all over the globe. Glamhive offers a comprehensive range of virtual and in-person styling services from the world’s best stylists designed to bring anyone’s personal or corporate brand to life.

Whether clients are upgrading their professional image or adding new vitality to their personal life, Glamhive offers personalized guidance to help clients reach their full potential.

Interested parties can find more information about Glamhive’s styling services at https://www.glamhive.com/styling-services

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