Dental Practice SEO | Brand Building & Multimedia Content Strategy Launched

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This new marketing technique for dentists, launched by My Tooth Media, uses search-engine-optimized content creation services to build brand awareness and online visibility for all types of dental professionals, including orthodontists, pedodontists, and periodontists.

‘My Tooth Media’ has launched a new marketing technique, optimized specifically for dental professionals, that builds online brand awareness and visibility using hyper-targeted multimedia, rather than traditional advertisements.

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The new marketing strategy uses multimedia content in six popular formats, such as blogs, podcasts, and streaming videos, to attract potential customers’ attention, at the precise moment that they are actively looking for a dentist. Though paid advertisements are often seen by more individuals, research shows that more than 53% of all website traffic comes from “organic” search results.

Experts suggest that this may be due to the over-saturation of advertisements, which has led to consumers being less likely to click on a “sponsored link.” ‘My Tooth Media’ uses a fully organic strategy that never results in “sponsored link” banners next to their content.

Clients will never be asked to generate their own multimedia for marketing campaigns, though they will be able to review, approve, or suggest changes to each piece of content before it goes live online. ‘My Tooth Media’ uses a team of writers, developers, and advertising professionals to craft each piece of multimedia content, with a focus on expanding the brand’s online reach.

Though clients are welcome to make suggestions, the multimedia campaigns include market research done by ‘My Tooth Media’ specialists on both the client’s company and their competition. The research will be used to craft unique content about each client’s business, products, and services, with links back to their main websites or sales pages.

While this strategy puts new and interesting content about a brand online to attract new customers, it has also been shown to improve the visibility of ‘My Tooth Media’ client’s primary websites. As each piece of content is added, the search ranking algorithms see that new content is being created about that brand, which implies that it must be relevant, and interesting, and should be ranked higher in the results.

The new strategy has been optimized for dental professionals of all types, but may not be the most effective solution for all clients. ‘My Tooth Media’ offers a no-cost consultation service that helps to ensure this technique is the right fit for each client and allows clients to learn more about the process.

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