Superone Gaming App: Sports Trivia Metaverse Game Announces 2023 Updates

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New Superone trivia game updates are featured in a series of new resources from Smart Gamers Club.

Smart Gamers Club released a series of resources on Superone, a trivia gaming app that pushes the boundaries of traditional trivia by integrating a series of innovative features.

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“Throughout the years, trivia has gone through a radical transformation,” says a company representative. “We believe that as fandoms across the world grow socially and culturally, trivia’s history needs to be rewritten entirely. Over the years, fanaticism or very passionate fans of sports and entertainment have become a worldwide movement, almost a religion.”

An essential aspect of Superone is its community factor, explains Smart Gamers Club.

“Fans are constantly wanting to connect with those who share similar passions, who want to share their interests, and who want new ways to prove how devoted they are to their fanship,”says the company. Superone uses the metaverse to build a community around sports trivia. The app’s social infrastructure is built with the world’s largest fandoms in mind, from ultimate sports and all forms of entertainment for endless exploration. In this massive universe, fans can take on challenges and quests and even meet new friends as they search for hidden rewards in their adventures.”

The Smart Gamers Club has also released a future projection for the app and trivia gaming in general. It can be accessed at

According to the website, total video gaming revenue is expected to continue to grow at a steady pace through 2023 and beyond, with social gaming forecasted to see the most substantial increase.

Set to go fully live in early 2023, the Superone app is expected to set new standards in the play-to-earn gaming industry, says the company.

With the latest announcement, Smart Gamers Club continues to expand its resources on the latest blockchain-based gaming developments with a focus on the upcoming launch of Superone.

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