Premium Brazilian Santos Coffee | Medium-Roast Catuai & Mundo Novo Beans Launch

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Boss Brew Coffee, a specialty coffee curator and retailer, has added Brazil Santos coffee to its product range.

This medium-roasted selection features high-quality Catuai and Mundo Novo beans grown in Parana and Sao Paulo. Representatives say that launching this product is in line with the company’s mission to provide café-quality coffee that people can brew in their homes.

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Due to the unique volcanic loam soil in the beans’ growing region, Brazil Santos has a bolder flavor than most other coffees. Moreover, it has notes of cocoa that lend the coffee a refined and smooth taste.


As a small-batch brewery, Boss Brew Coffee prioritizes beans grown by small-holder farmers in exotic locales. Hence, its Brazil Santos roast is not only meticulously grown, but also sun-dried and pulped by hand. This hands-on approach ensures that the beans’ nuanced flavor and aroma are better preserved — which may not always be the case with large-scale farming and harvesting operations.

Owner Richard Reina, Jr. says: “We believe that the best-tasting coffee is grown with care. Our beans may be harvested in small batches, but they have a big personality. Coffee connoisseurs will enjoy the robust yet refined flavor this product offers.”


Aside from supporting small farmers, the company also adheres to standards set forth by respectable organizations. These include the World Fair Trade Organization, which helps set guidelines that uplift the livelihood of economically marginalized agricultural producers, including coffee bean growers. Hence, each purchase of Brazil Santos coffee helps provide fair pay to farmers so they can continue growing top-notch crops.

Customers may purchase 12oz, 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb bags of Brazil Santos coffee. They can also choose from three grind options: whole bean, standard, and espresso.


Boss Brew Coffee was founded on the belief that excellent coffee can be reasonably priced and responsibly sourced. The company is the passion project of Richard Reina, Jr., who uses his background in sales, customer satisfaction, and sequential logistics to deliver café-caliber beans to customers. In addition to Brazil, it also sources coffee beans from Bali, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, and Colombia.

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