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Kiwi Light Media, specialists in building brand awareness, have launched new hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that use branded content to improve the online visibility of accountants, bookkeepers, and tax experts.

Over the past decade, traditional marketing options such as online advertisements have become over-saturated, leaving many business owners with few effective options for growing their online presence. These new marketing campaigns launched by Kiwi Light Media use a unique approach, skipping advertisements entirely, in favor of online content in several multimedia formats.

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The new campaign options use 6 popular multimedia formats, including blog posts, podcasts, streaming videos, and infographics, to build awareness of their clients online, and improve their overall search rankings. While this technique has been shown to provide results within 30 days, it can also be used as a long-term strategy with cumulative results.

These hyper-targeted marketing campaigns differ from traditional advertising in several ways, such as how they target interested leads. With ad campaigns, clients can choose certain demographics to see the advertisements, but there is no way to know if those viewers have any interest in the product or service being offered.

Kiwi Light Media’s strategy puts a brand’s content in front of customers who are not just “maybe interested” in a similar product or service but are actively searching for one. They use a team of professional writers, editors, and marketing experts to maximize the potential for each piece of content to rank highly in the search results, for actively interested searchers.

While each individual piece of content can help to attract new clients, they also provide a boost to the company’s overall search rankings. Every blog, podcast, video, or article contains links back to the client’s pages, which shows the search algorithms that the company is relevant, interesting, and trustworthy, and leads to it being ranked higher in the results.

While this strategy has been proven effective in many industries, helping clients to rank highly in even the most competitive niches, this may be one of the first services to optimize the process for accountants. The new service has been designed by Zach Chen to build brand awareness specifically for accountants, bookkeepers, tax experts, and financial advisors. More information about Zach Chen can be found at

Clients are not expected to write their own blogs or record their own content. Every piece is written by an expert team and will be available for the client to review before it gets put online.

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