Plano Implant Overdentures: Tooth Replacement Treatment For Seniors Launched

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Millennium Smiles (469-200-8123), a Texas-based dental clinic, is now offering implant overdenture procedures to senior citizens throughout Plano, Texas.

Overdentures, also known as implant-supported dentures, are the next step in the evolution of denture-based tooth replacement procedures. According to Millennium Smiles, it is an effective treatment option for older people with multiple missing teeth.

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The new treatment combines the benefits of traditional dentures and dental implants to provide patients with a tooth replacement solution that is stable, more comfortable, and durable.

Unlike regular dentures, where adhesives, natural suction, or a combination of the two are used to keep the prosthetic teeth in place, overdentures are firmly held in place by attaching the replacement teeth to a series of dental implants set into the patient’s jaw.

As a result, overdentures allow for total rehabilitation of the patient’s upper and lower dental arches, closely replicating the function and bite strength of their natural teeth.

The implants used by the dentists at Millennium Smiles are made from titanium, a bio-compatible metal with the unique property of stimulating bone growth. This means the patient who received overdentures will, in time, have stronger jawbones, thus preventing resorption, a bone loss phenomenon that is likely to occur in patients who use dentures for a long time.

While implant-supported dentures offer more benefits to patients than traditional dentures, they may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with diminished jawbone structure. As such, the dentists evaluate the patient’s jawbone and gum using an intraoral scanner and other diagnostic processes to determine if the patient is the right candidate for treatment.

Besides overdentures, Millennium Smiles offers a range of other restorative dental options, including All-on-X and All-on-4 implants and porcelain veneers. The practice provides general, pediatric, and cosmetic dentistry in addition to TMJ and sleep apnea treatment.

A satisfied patient commented, “Amazing clinic with compassionate staff and a doctor who knows how to treat her patients right. Thanks to Yasmin, Lindsey, and Dr. Korous for being polite and patient and working to give this profession such a humane touch. I am going to recommend them to all of my friends.”

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