Educational School Chaplaincy Program To Bring Prayer Into Schools Launched

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The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) has launched a training program to bring prayer back into the school system.

The NSCA’s recently launched program is designed to give students a safe space to discuss their struggles at school and home. NSCA chaplains use prayer and scripture to help students overcome emotional and psychological problems.

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The association’s new program helps schools provide spiritual and moral guidance to their students. According to America Magazine, strengthening faith in a higher being has been proven effective in treating mental health issues like depression and anxiety. By giving students a strong spiritual foundation, they can navigate through their emotions and free themselves from the burden of their problems.

NSCA chaplains are trained to handle issues that concern the youth, such as peer pressure, depression, and anxiety. They teach the youth lessons from the Bible and teach them how to pray and offer their struggles to a higher power. Studies have shown that this can be cathartic for those going through difficult times emotionally and psychologically.

With more than 22,000 partner schools in over 23 countries, the NSCA has data to support the value of having school chaplains. They have reported increased graduation rates, school performance, and teacher retention. There is also a decrease in violence, behavioral issues, addiction, and teenage pregnancies.

Teenagers face pressures and expectations that did not exist in prior generations. The NSCA states that academic pressure is higher due to higher output demands and the more complex lessons students need to learn to get into the best colleges and universities. As they grapple with the demands of school, they also need to balance their personal life, which, with social media, has become more complicated. Having a chaplain who will guide them and provide a safe space where they can vent and express their emotions is important for their growth. It is also important that they feel supported, not only by the chaplain but by God and the scripture.

“School chaplain duties include but are not limited to prayer, counsel, and spiritual care for the school staff, the students, and their families. We offer counsel based on timeless biblical values and serve as a source of biblical truth. We help teachers and students navigate life’s challenges,” a spokesperson said.

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