UK Outdoor Pollution Reduction: Nitrogen & Sulphur Oxides Removal Announced

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Pure Clear Coatings Ltd (0203 929 2052) has announced it is now a certified applicator of PURETi products for improving indoor air quality and helping to eliminate harmful outdoor pollution.

The environmental conservation organization’s announcement comes in the context of rising social consciousness of the costs of pollution – and in the wake of public health alarm regarding air-borne pathogens, as witnessed during the pandemic. PURETi solutions are water-based photocatalytic surface treatments that prevent the accumulation of grime and mitigate pollution – while eliminating odours and improving indoor air quality.

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Pure Clear Coatings’ new line of PURETi products employs photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) to destroy air pollutants. Urban smog is composed of nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – all of which can be eliminated as any PURETi-applied surface turns sunlight into an air scrubber that destroys harmful VOCs and pollutants. PURETi’s water-based spray adheres to most surfaces and can be applied to a range of building products and structures.

Air pollution in London is generally considered to be worse than in other major western cities, particularly when compared to cities in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, London has the highest level of nitrogen dioxide pollution of any major city in Europe and is in the top 10 for cities with the highest levels of particulate matter pollution.

Pure Clear Coatings recognizes that air pollution impacts not only the environment and public health but industry as well. Poor air quality can reduce crop yields, for example, as well as the efficiency of production processes – leading to increased costs. The company’s line of PURETi products offers reduced maintenance costs and significant cost savings – in labor, energy, water, and chemical use – to companies in hospitality, healthcare, auto, and facility maintenance, to name a few relevant industry sectors.

For instance, PURETi Coat, when applied to a cement surface, uses the energy of natural sunlight to break down organic dirt. High-pressure washing is no longer necessary because sticky organic particles break down before they can adhere to the materials. This professional application converts pavement, roadways, and building facades into self-cleaning air scrubbers in a single step.

PURETi continuously decreases filth, organic compounds, germs, viruses, mould, and fungus when applied to any surface that receives UVA radiation. One application will endure for years and will serve as a continuous source of cleanliness even when left undisturbed. Ambulatory surgery centers in Spain recently recorded the highest audit scores in PURETi-treated rooms.

Furthermore, the PURETi Clean & Fresh consumer product enhances indoor air quality by oxidizing hazardous organic particles such as VOCs, resulting in cleaner and safer air in a person’s home, car, or office.

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