Content Marketing Media in Phoenix – A New Case Study On Local Business Traffic

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Content Marketing Media releases new case study on how they drive traffic to a Google Business Profile and Website by creating 300-500 pieces of content monthly

Content Marketing Media, a digital marketing agency in Phoenix, specializing in content-driven solutions, has released a new case study. The case study highlights how a local business can potentially receive increased traffic by consistently publishing meaningful content.

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Content Marketing Media is a company that specializes in custom content production and AI optimization for small businesses. They use a combination of high-quality content and advanced AI techniques to help their clients achieve their goals and grow their online presence.

In the case study, Content Marketing Media highlights a small business that wanted to increase their visibility and sales online. The company came up with a strategy that involved creating custom content for the client’s Google Business Profile and Website, as well as optimizing it with AI based technology.

In the case study, the client’s Google Business Profile saw an increase in traffic and ranking. They went from being not visible on search, to being one of the top three results for multiple search terms. This meant that they were able to reach more potential customers and generate more exposure.

In the case study, the agency creates six types of digital content – from articles to infographics and videos – and promotes them on hundreds of sites, allowing the local business to improve their brand visibility and authority.

“At Content Marketing Media, we understand that getting seen by potential new clients can be difficult,” said founder Josh Whitfield. “That’s why we use our connections, expert writers, and the latest AI solutions to help businesses get the visibility they need. This case study shows that if we are able to drive traffic for one small business, we can do it for many”

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