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Edmonton-based Express Canada Visa (780-665-1608) has expanded its services to provide consultations for visa applications through family sponsorship, which will see clients serve as sponsors in the immigration processes of their spouses.

This expansion will provide a swift service for family sponsorship applications, backed by the company’s years of experience in helping clients with express visas, work and travel visas, and other immigration processes.

More details can be found at https://expressvisacanada.ca

As the interest in immigrating to Canada increases, Express Visa Canada’s new service delivers a reliable option for current immigrants who want to help their spouses immigrate to the country. This includes sponsorship applications for husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and partners.

According to The National Post, the Canadian government intends to bring in over 400,000 immigrants into the country every year until 2024. This is part of its current long-term plan, which aims to stimulate the country’s economy and fast-retiring population by opening up entry routes to millions of immigrants over the coming years.

Express Visa Canada’s services are open to clients of almost any nationality and offer visa entry consultations in every category available under the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada office.

The company’s service is targeted at immigrants who have successfully immigrated to Canada and wish to find the fastest route to achieving the same for their spouses.

To become sponsors, clients must first meet all requirements for sponsorship, which include being of adult age. Sponsors also need to have legal status as Canadian citizens, be permanent residents or registered Indians, and show evidence of a capacity to provide for their spouse within five years.

About the Company

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Express Visa Canada offers visa consultancy services to students, skilled worker immigrants, and others. Besides family sponsorship services, the company also provides guidance on Canadian citizenship and permanent residency applications. Its lead consultant, Sumit Malhotra, is a certified immigration consultant and an expert in Canadian immigration policy and law.

A spokesperson said, “Our clients consistently recommend us as the best immigration consultant in Edmonton because of our dedication to helping them find the best result that fits their needs. With the help of technology, our associates can remotely assist you in any country and immigration stream, be it express entry, provincial nominee, family sponsorship, caregiver, or permanent residency.”

For more information, please visit https://expressvisacanada.ca

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