IBM Consulting Leader, CloudZen Partners with FNTS to Expand IBM Solutions

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CloudZen Partners, a leading provider of IBM consulting and cloud services, has announced a new partnership with FNTS, a top IT solutions provider, to expand their cloud solutions offerings for businesses of all sizes.

CloudZen Partners, the leader in IBM consulting and IT procurement services, is proud to announce a new partnership with FNTS, a world-class IBM solutions provider, aimed at expanding cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. The partnership will allow both companies to leverage their unique areas of expertise and provide even better service to their clients.

The partnership will involve CloudZen Partners and FNTS working together to deliver a comprehensive suite of cloud services that meet the specific needs of businesses. These services will include managed cloud services, cloud migration, cloud consulting, cloud security, and hybrid cloud solutions.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with FNTS to offer our clients even more robust cloud solutions,” said Alana Haney, Co founder of CloudZen Partners. “FNTS has a reputation for delivering innovative, secure, and reliable IT solutions, and we believe that their expertise and experience will be invaluable in helping us provide even more value to our clients.”

To help deliver these solutions, FNTS will provide CloudZen Partners with access to its cutting-edge data centers and network infrastructure, giving CloudZen Partners the ability to offer its clients world-class cloud services. FNTS will also provide CloudZen Partners with technical expertise and support to help clients transition to the cloud, optimize their IBM cloud environments, and enhance their overall cloud capabilities.

“Partnering with CloudZen Partners will allow us to help clients get the most out of cloud computing,” said Kim Whittaker, President of FNTS. “Our combined capabilities will enable us to provide customized, secure, reliable, and scalable cloud solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.”

CloudZen Partners is committed to providing clients with the best possible cloud solutions to help them achieve their business goals. As the leader in IBM consulting, CloudZen Partners brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. The partnership with FNTS will further enhance their capabilities and ensure that clients receive the most effective and efficient cloud solutions available.

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