Custom Shaped Digital Business Cards & NFC Smart Coins Designed In USA Launched

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Gray Water Ops, a veteran-owned business specializing in challenge coins, patches, and pins, has launched new NFC smart coins and business cards that can be used to store data, interact with electronics, or share contact information with a single tap.

Using patented technology, Gray Water Ops has launched new smart coin and digital business card options that use embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) chips for storing and transferring data.

More information about NFC-embedded devices, digital business cards, and challenge coins can be found on the Gray Water Ops website at

Wireless technologies like NFC have become omnipresent in the last decade, being built into every major smartphone, and used in everything from door locks to inventory tags. The new options from Gray Water Ops allow clients to access this technology in a more personalized form, using custom-designed and minted coins.

Though this technology is rumored to have been invented during World War II, it was officially patented in 1983 and is expected to become a $35.6 billion market by 2030. Today, NFC technology is most often used in contactless payment systems, but it also has applications in home and business security, information sharing, and automation.

Gray Water Ops coins come fully NFC-enabled with re-writeable memory, which allows clients to use the coins as security access cards, digital business cards, or for quickly sharing information such as a website or streaming video. Since the tags can be re-written a nearly unlimited number of times, the coins can also be repurposed using only a smartphone and NFC-writing app.

With NFC technology pre-installed on nearly all major smartphones released in the last decade, digital business cards have been growing in popularity as a way to instantly share contact details. By wirelessly placing the information directly into a potential customer’s smartphone, clients never have to worry about missing an opportunity because of a lack of business cards or having a potential customer lose their card in the future.

The new NFC-enabled option can be added to Gray Water Ops custom challenge coins. The custom coins are designed in America by an award-winning graphic arts team, and samples are available on the company’s website, as well as a list of optional features such as heat-changing paint, glow paint, custom shape cutting, and silk screen printing.

One satisfied client said, “Just received my commemorative Security Police coin in the mail the other day. Thoroughly outstanding work, gentlemen. It is, bar none, the sturdiest, most professional-looking, and nicest finished of all the challenge coins in my entire service-career collection. Very proud of it. Thanks again.”

More information about Gray Water Ops, custom challenge coins, and NFC-enabled devices can be found at