Seattle Egyptian Sugaring Hair Removal Same Day Treatment: Luxury Spa Update

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Seattle, WA luxury spa Penelope and the Beauty Bar, located at the Fairmont Olympic hotel, (206-438-1750) is updating its skin and body care services with world-class traditional Egyptian Sugaring treatments and same-day appointments.

The newly updated service gives guests at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel as well as Seattle area residents access to an industry-leading hair removal and exfoliating treatment and convenient, spur-of-the-moment booking availability.

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Front runners in bringing the ancient art of Egyptian sugaring to Seattle, Penelope and the Beauty Bar Estheticians are experts in this natural hair removal method that has stood the test of time. Traditional Egyptian sugaring treatments produce smooth and hair-free skin with just three raw ingredients.

Sugaring uses a ball of honey-like paste made from a sugar, lemon, and water mixture that is heated to just above body temperature. The paste is then molded to the body and removed by hand. Unlike the strip sugaring method which uses cloth strips and can leave behind straggling hairs, traditional Egyptian sugaring is reliably thorough. This is because the mixture is applied with just enough pressure to remove unwanted hair from the follicle. And because the method extracts the entire hair from the root, it reduces regrowth and visibly softens any hairs that do reappear. Results can last for up to six weeks.

Egyptian sugaring won’t cause irritation or the potential for in-grown hairs. It is hypoallergenic, non-abrasive, non-comedogenic, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Sugaring also removes dead skin cells and debris for a naturally effective exfoliating benefit that won’t leave the skin feeling dry the way sandy, home-use exfoliators can.

Estheticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar say sugaring is the ideal hair removal choice for vellus facial hair, and for the bikini area, arms, underarms, legs, shoulders, back sides, brows, chin, lips, and jawline.

A perennial Seattle favorite, Penelope and the Beauty Bar has been featured in many high-profile magazines that include Vogue, Elle, and Allure. Recognized for its advanced skin and body care treatments, spa services include customized European facials, micro-needling, dermaplaning, detox body wraps, cryo-facials and more.

With the addition of same day traditional Egyptian sugaring treatments, Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers Seattle residents and visitors alike a relaxing, organic hair removal service that produces long-lasting results and keeps skin looking clear, supple, and refreshed.

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