Chickasaw Gardens Oriental Rug Color Correction & Restoration Services Expanded

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River City Rug Cleaning (901-341-7847) recently expanded its rug color correction services for customers in Chickasaw Gardens, TN.

River City Rug Cleaning’s expanded services are intended to help customers restore the color of rugs affected by improper spot cleaning, pet and plant damage, and sun fading. Their certified professionals are trained to clean and treat delicate rugs made of wool, silk, and other fine fibers.

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While a good oriental rug can be the showpiece of any room, it can also be an expensive investment. Because of this, proper care and cleaning are necessary to prolong the rug’s life and keep it looking vibrant. River City Rug Cleaning now offers oriental rug color correction to restore this captivating art.

Rug colors can bleed, run, or fade due to many reasons, such as improper cleaning, pet, and plant damage, or extended UV exposure. Depending on how much the fiber structure has been damaged, some rugs may be irreparable. But if the fibers can still hold dye, River City Rug Cleaning can potentially restore them.

River City Rug Cleaning’s rug cleaning experts will first inspect the customer’s rug to determine the extent of the damage. Most rugs receive a basic hand cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and other debris. But for rugs needing color correction, the experts will decide which method is best for restoration. Possible options include stronger cleaning solutions, shearing, or dye matching.

Another product they may use is MicroSeal. While more of a preventative measure, MicroSeal protects the rug’s individual fibers from spots, spills, and UV fading. MicroSeal is odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and biodegradable. It also doesn’t affect the color or texture of the rug and can withstand 8 to 10 professional cleanings before it needs to be reapplied.

In addition to rug color correction services, River City Rug Cleaning’s professionals may also suggest some preventative measures customers should consider to help maintain the color of their rugs. These may include closing blinds and drapes, applying UV protection to windows, and techniques for promptly dealing with spills and stains.

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Based in Memphis, TN, River City Rug Cleaning has been serving customers in Memphis and the surrounding area for over 15 years. In addition to rug color correction, they also offer rug cleaning, repair, deodorization, and protection.

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