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Vertical Elevation has expanded its services to offer strategic business planning, leadership development, and career coaching services for organizations.

The firm’s expansion will introduce a fresh assortment of executive coaching and strategic planning sessions designed to help develop teams of talented employees in organizations. This will align senior employees with their organization’s vision and lead to growth in all operational areas.

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With Vertical Elevation’s new services, businesses and organizations that are seeking to build a more efficient and aligned workforce will have access to training programs for their management, executives, and employees.

According to Forbes, some of the most common challenges organizations face include inefficient business strategies, miscommunication, and lack of alignment between executives and employees at lower levels. These factors often lead to high employee turnover, unproductivity, and low workplace morale.

Vertical Elevation’s training programs are centered on a proactive approach that aligns talent strategy with business strategy to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover in organizations. It focuses on identifying the core problems in an organization and developing plans to address them.

The firm develops a talent-centric strategy that helps organizations identify and hire ideal candidates with visions that accurately align with their objectives. This strategy results in a motivated workforce that is committed to achieving the business goals of the organization.

Vertical Elevation’s experts start by conducting discovery interviews with executives to assess their business goals and challenges while identifying the necessary areas of improvement. They also put executives through extensive training programs to improve their leadership capabilities and help them run the company more efficiently.

The firm provides other forms of advanced training through initiatives for talent development. This includes the Women Ascending Program, which focuses on coaching talented females at mid to executive levels to empower and prepare them for future leadership roles.

About the Company

Founded by talent equity and leadership coaching expert Carol Shultz, Vertical Elevation offers training programs that create more efficient workforces in start-up organizations and large companies. The firm applies its years of experience in corporate leadership to rebrand business strategies, recruiting processes, and other variables that contribute to the success of an organization.

A satisfied client said, “I have personally worked with Vertical Elevation for over two decades. The team went deep to understand what my organization required to improve, and they provided insights that have helped me build a highly effective work environment.”

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