Vancouver, WA Kitchen & Bath Gut Out | Demolition & Hauling Services Expanded

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A1 Demolition and Hauling (503-807-1025) has expanded its kitchen, bath, home, and barn gut-out services for home renovation projects in Vancouver, Washington.

As part of its expanded services, the contractor provides a team of up to 10 employees for gut renovations for projects carried out by both homeowners and construction contractors in the area.

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Following the announcement, A1 Demolition and Hauling provide interior gut-out solutions for kitchens, baths, barns, and other sections of a property, removing everything on the site to leave only the skeletal structure for the remodeling project to start.

When hired for a kitchen gut out, for instance, the team will remove everything from the room, stripping down interior walls and taking down lighting, appliances, and cabinets, and tearing up the flooring. This type of work is both time, equipment, and labor-intensive and requires the skills and experience to execute demolition and haul construction debris.

A1 Hauling and Demolition also offer bathroom gut outs, which is a process that requires additional capabilities beyond just demolishing the walls and floors. The team will safely remove electrical wiring and plumbing along with drain vents in the bathroom walls.

In a full home gut-out, the company will remove everything inside the home, including floors, walls, insulation, plumbing, HVAC, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, and anything else needed to retain the framed structure of the home, providing the needed space for a new design.

A1 Hauling and Demolition also provide gut-out services for structures such as barns which require a delicate removal process to ensure structural integrity and prevent a collapse.

Since large gut-out projects create significant amounts of debris that needs to be removed, A1 Hauling and Demolition also provide hauling services to clear the property from trash, materials, packaging, and demolition debris. The company has roll-off trucks, dump trailers, and transfer trailers and also recycles wood and metals for repurposing.

The company handles gut-out projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and is licensed in both Oregon and Washington.

A satisfied client said, “They’re clean, friendly, and helpful. When I start the next clean out I’ll be sure to use A1 again.”

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