PMU Artist Business Marketing Strategies: Membership Program Resources Released

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Digital marketing experts Advanced PMU announce the launch of their new membership program that helps permanent makeup artists create a multi-platform online presence to help grow and promote their business.

The newly announced membership program offers a full range of marketing materials, resources, tips, e-books, and advice for entrepreneurs who want to promote and grow their own permanent makeup business. Available memberships range from the introductory “guides only” level to a one-time payment lifetime membership that offers unlimited access to all digital marketing strategies, tools, and materials, and access to all future updates.

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More and more individuals are realizing that the only way to achieve a high salary and enjoy a life of financial freedom is to put their passions to work as a business owner. With its digital marketing membership program, the experts at Advanced PMU are helping permanent makeup artists launch and advertise their own business.

“While it’s one thing for permanent makeup artists who enjoy a good following to want to be their own boss and open their own company, it’s another thing to reach and engage target customers, and persuade them to book an appointment,” a company spokesperson said.

They explained that today’s online environment is cluttered and noisy, which means business owners need a tool kit of precise strategies to cut through all the activity and stand out from the competition. The process involves targeted branding, compliant SEO tactics, a compelling website that persuades visitors to act, and supportive email and social media marketing that focuses on eye catching imagery and properly communicated messages.

PMU artists going into business for themselves can get all this and more when they purchase a membership with Advanced PMU. The agency offers step-by-step guides to accomplishing key marketing tasks; comprehensive resources that include stock photos, videos, and swipe files; a range of templates for social media, email marketing, and advertising; and how-to e-books and videos that provide website training.

Materials and insights are updated monthly so members can stay on top of the latest marketing trends and search engine regulations.

“Our memberships give you everything you need to know about growing your PMU business online. Have everything at your fingertips instead of wading through tons of YouTube videos and get the best advice on the latest marketing trends monthly,” the representative said.

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