Kensington, PA Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer To Get Justice: Service Updated

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The attorneys at the Justice Guardians (866 918-5292) in Kensington, PA have updated their bicycle injury legal services.

The Justice Guardians Kensington Philadelphia + Accident is now urging those recently affected by bicycle accidents to contact their team before the statute of limitations expires. In the state of Pennsylvania, the type of civil suit must be filed within two years from the date of the accident.

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Through its no-win, no-fee contingency policy, Justice Guardians’ service update makes legal representation more accessible to bicycle accident victims and dependents who suspect may be entitled to compensation.

The CDC estimates that over 130,000 cyclists are injured in road accidents in the US each year. As such, the firm recognizes that bicycle accident law encompasses a wide range of circumstances and scenarios.

Whether the responsible party is a motorist who texted while driving, a reckless fellow cyclist, or a negligent pedestrian, the firm’s attorneys will review the victim’s case and gather relevant evidence to prove liability. Moreover, they will ensure that their clients can make fully informed decisions about pursuing claims and choose the best legal pathways to recuperate damages.

Its lawyers have extensive experience litigating cases that involved common injuries related to bicycle accidents, such as spinal damage, brain trauma, and broken bones, which can be life-changing for those affected.

Victims who sustain serious injuries such as these may require ongoing care, which can result in piling medical bills and time off work that leads to a loss in income. As such, the firm will help plaintiffs and their families file civil suits to seek restitution for their medical expenses and emotional suffering, as well as for anticipated costs such as ongoing physical therapy and treatment.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “You could be the best bicycle rider, employing all of the safety measures and equipment possible, and still suffer grave injuries as a result of another’s negligence. Understanding this, our team of injury and bike accident lawyers have set out to fight for the rights of riders throughout the state.”

More information can be found by visiting or by calling 866 918-5292.