Recovery Seed Phrase Backup Kit 2023 | ShiftCrypto Low-Tech SteelWallet Launched

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The SteelWallet Backup Tool, a ShiftCrypto product, has been launched on The Crypto Merchant website as an all-inclusive kit for backing up crypto wallet recovery seed phrases, in purposely low-tech “apocalypse-proof” wallets.

This simple backup tool launching on The Crypto Merchant website includes everything required to permanently mark a 12, 18, or 24-word recovery seed phrase onto stainless steel plates that can withstand extreme conditions.

More information about the SteelWallet recovery kit and other backup devices from The Crypto Merchant is available at

As a tool of last resort, cryptocurrency traders that have lost access to their wallets can use a recovery seed phrase to regain access to their accounts. The SteelWallet, a product made by ShiftCrypto, allows traders to hide their recovery phrase in a simple device that will protect it from accidental damage.

Using an intentionally low-technology approach, ShiftCrypto produced a kit that is either proof against or highly resistant to many of the most common causes of damage. While the plates should always be hidden to protect against theft, the stainless steel is impervious to water and highly resistant to damage from acid, impact, fire, and radiation.

While this may seem like an extreme approach for saving a password, recovery phrases are often used to restore access to financial assets in wallets that have been lost, stolen, or even destroyed entirely. By recording a recovery phrase in a low-technology, “apocalypse-proof” wallet, traders can ensure their last-resort password is both unhackable and protected from physical damage.

The kit includes an automatic punch for marking the stainless steel plates and does not require any other tools. To mark a recovery phrase, traders are instructed to just press the punch against the plate in the desired location, and the puncher spring will make a clearly visible dent that is easily recognizable.

The SteelWallet works with all BIP-39 standard passwords and can store up to 24 words either as one long recovery phrase or as two shorter phrases. Traders are only required to punch the first four letters of each word into the plate, as every word in a BIP-39 standard password has a unique four-letter beginning.

One satisfied trader said, “I can recommend the SteelWallet without hesitation. I have never tested a product that made an easier or safer recording of a backup phrase.”

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