Seattle Dermaplaning For Men: Skin Clearing With Same Day Booking

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Seattle, WA luxury spa Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750) is updating its skin care and body treatment services with men’s dermaplaning facials customized to produce clearer skin. Same-day appointments are also now available.

The newly updated service introduces men to a highly effective skin rejuvenating treatment that smooths fine lines and reduces minor scars, including acne scars and pitting. Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s aestheticians pair select European products with industry-leading techniques to give men’s rougher skin a healthier, softer, younger-looking appearance.

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Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure that produces visible results. Estheticians use a special cosmetic blade held at a 45-degree angle to scrape away the uppermost layers of the skin and reveal new, undamaged skin. Women have relied on this method for years to keep their skin clear and luminous. With recent updates to the services at Penelope and the Beauty Bar, Seattle men now have access to the same quality of dermaplaning treatments designed to exfoliate, smooth, and tone male skin.

Dermaplaning is an especially effective treatment for men with oily t-zone areas. By gently scraping away the top layer of the skin, the client benefits from an exfoliating technique that clears the skin and can boost collagen production.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers two dermaplaning facials: the 45-minute Express Facial, and the 1-hour Radiance Facial.

The 60-minute Radiance Facial includes toning micro-current technology that stimulates the tissues and muscles for a naturally lifted, more sculpted appearance. Both treatments remove vellus hair and prep the skin for better product diffusion and can be paired with an LED add-on for extra intense treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and rosacea.

Estheticians use select products, such as Germany’s high-tech MBR brand for men, to provide immediate and long-lasting intensive moisturization and hydration. MBR products for men also increase skin elasticity and resilience and are an ideal complement to dermaplaning.

As Seattle’s premier luxury hotel spa, Penelope and the Beauty Bar carries the most exclusive skin and body product lines. They also offer some of the most advanced skincare and body treatments available today.

A recent client says, “The service is incredible, and my facial was amazing. I highly recommend this hidden gem in the Fairmont hotel.”

With newly updated services to include men’s dermaplaning facials and same day appointments, Seattle residents and hotel guests alike can get the exacting treatment they prefer, at a time that best suits their schedules.

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