Extra-Large Cardboard Boxes | Heavy-Duty Shipping Cartons For Businesses Updated

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The Boxery, a boxing and packaging supplies company, updated its range of strong, extra-large cardboard boxes for e-commerce shipping and business relocations.

Featuring reinforced single and double-walled options, The Boxery’s updated range of heavy-duty boxes is designed to ship heavy and fragile items safely and securely. The boxes provide maximum protection for moving and storing possessions.

More details can be found at https://www.theboxery.com/catalog.asp?d=105510&name=Heavy+Duty+Boxes

With the update, customers can choose from cardboard packing cartons that are 44 ECT or 48 ECT-rated – meaning that they have been tested to withstand 44 or 48 lbs of pressure. Large, extra-large, and cube-shaped boxes are available.

According to a recent Shopify report, 65% of consumers have returned an item to an e-commerce store because of shipping damage. The report notes that damaged shipments cause businesses to lose revenue through replacement costs and processing time. Moreover, they can cause reputational damage; negative reviews, and difficulty retaining customers.

The company aims to provide business owners and movers with the most secure packaging to protect their goods in transit and storage. “No matter which items you’re packaging up and sending on their way, heavy-duty shipping boxes are always the best option for keeping the contents safe. While it may seem like an added expense to use higher-quality boxes, you’re likely to avoid the added costs of replacing products due to broken or damaged packaging,” said a representative for The Boxery.

The company offers Heavy-Duty Single Walled Boxes with extra corrugation in sizes up to 30 x 26 x 24 inches. Featuring an extra sheet of corrugation, its Heavy-Duty Double Walled Boxes are recommended for businesses that want to ship multiple items in the same box. Bulk-sized Gaylord Boxes are also recommended for large, combined shipments and come with separate lids.

Both the double-walled and Gaylord models come in sizes up to 48 x 40 x 36 inches. The boxes ship flat and are made from 80% recyclable materials. Wholesale options are available.

For over 20 years, The Boxery has provided shipping, moving, office, and janitorial supplies to customers throughout the USA. The store carries its own branded products that are specially manufactured using the highest-quality design processes and materials. Its diverse inventory allows customers to find the most practical and economical solutions for their boxing and packaging needs.

A company spokesperson said: “As a trusted provider of packaging boxes, our branded items are of the highest quality. They’re sturdy enough to hold your belongings and protect your goods during shipping and relocation.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.theboxery.com/catalog.asp?d=105510&name=Heavy+Duty+Boxes

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