Manitoba Denture Diploma & Required Clinical And Tech Experience: Report Launch

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A new report released by Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba (204-589-6329) explains why choosing a denturist with an Advanced Diploma in Denturism with the right clinical and lab tech credentials is crucial to expert care.

As a well-regarded denture clinic, Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre is staffed by a team of highly experienced denturists breaking ground in 3D scanning technologies, CAD/CAM digital denture design, and 3D printing and denture milling. They are also knowledgeable in all things dentures (dentures on implants, partial dentures, etc). In a newly released report, Minuk Denture Clinic outlines the credentials a potential denture client should look for when researching their options, and discusses the importance of accredited Denturist programs in Canada from which every member of the Minuk Denturist team has graduated.

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It is important that Canadians choose a denturist with a diploma that confirms proper training and education in the field from an accredited Denturist program, and that the denturist will uphold the standards set by their province’s Denturist Association. In the latest report released by Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre in Winnipeg, Denturist Manny Minuk says his team’s educational and experiential credentials are an example of what Canadians should expect.

Manny Minuk and his fellow Denturists are all graduates of The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), and George Brown College in Ontario both highly respected and known for their commitment to hands-on, experiential learning.

Graduating from an accredited school also means that the denturist should be experienced in clinical and lab technician functions, both of which are critical to a vital understanding of denture components and the techniques denturists need to have mastered to create a customized appliance that functions properly and feels comfortable.

The team at Minuk have years of education and experience with the materials used in denture fabrications, including casting, molding, and finishing. They understand how to manipulate colour, strength, and durability to achieve the desired result so their clients get the very best care and a natural-looking smile.

Manny Minuk became a Denturist in 2000 after graduating from the NAIT program and has since served on the executive board of the Denturist Association of Manitoba. With extensive training in complex denture implant restorations and digital denture design, Minuk continues to leverage the advantages of technology to produce dentures that look and function like natural teeth.

With the release of its recent report, Minuk Denture Clinic gives Canadians the information they need to make the best decisions in an area of denture care that has the potential to improve an individual’s appearance, confidence, and quality of life.

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