Programmatic Job Advertising | DIY Hiring Platform With Real-Time Data Launched

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JobAdX has launched a hiring platform that offers real-time data for employers to find candidates quickly.

The recently launched platform is designed for medium-sized employers who want to do their hiring. It gives them access to hundreds of top job sites, allowing them to reach more qualified candidates than traditional job postings.

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The launch of JobAdX’s new platform coincides with an article published in the HR Magazine that discusses the benefits of a multi-posting job platform. According to the report, posting on as many job sites as possible will increase the chances of finding a candidate who fits the role perfectly. It also allows companies to find promising job seekers to put in their pool of prospective candidates for future reference.

There are, however, significant drawbacks to maintaining accounts on several platforms. JobAdX points out that the biggest concern is the advertising cost because almost all platforms now charge employers a fee for every job posting. More prominent companies can offset the cost by the number of candidates they can source, especially if they constantly need new employees. Medium-sized businesses do not have this kind of freedom and often spend more for every candidate they hire.

JobAdX’s top selling point is programmatic job advertising. This uses an intelligent algorithm that identifies the best sources for candidates and spreads the job advertising budget accordingly.

With JobAdX, employers or hiring managers get centralized reports on all candidates that fit the profile specified in their job postings. These reports include real-time data gathered from hundreds of job sites. Employers no longer have to maintain several accounts and pay separate fees for every job posting. JobAdX’s platform is the only website they need to be on, streamlining their hiring process and lowering their cost-per-hire.

“If you are an employer looking to reach qualified candidates, increase your job advertising ROI, get advanced job level analytics, and access a network of hundreds of top job sites, then programmatic job advertising is for you. With our self-serve platform, any employer can use the power of performance-based job ads,” a company spokesperson said.

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