Brisbane Cinematographer Filmmaker Videographer Services Announced

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Jay Palmer, award-winning Brisbane filmmaker, cinematographer and director, is meeting demand for his marketing videography expertise with newly announced services that bring cinema-level storytelling to advertising and promotional campaigns.

In today’s noisy and saturated marketing environment, capturing target audience attention instantly with compelling visuals and key brand messages is imperative. Award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer and director Jay Palmer, who was tapped by corporate and agency-led creative teams across a range of sectors in 2022, has expanded his 2023 video marketing and directorial services to give companies looking for a new level of creative innovation access to contract and subcontracted videography expertise.

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As a filmmaker, Jay Palmer has quickly become a recognised name in corporate and agency circles for his immersive marketing videography and a string of successful 2022 projects. Jay has announced his readiness and capability to help agencies and corporations use video, today’s most effective marketing medium.

2022 saw Palmer working in collaboration with production companies, and established corporations and organizations in the construction, car rental, food and beverage, and education sectors. Palmer also partnered with agency creative teams to bring his intuitive nuances and technically precise guidance to a range of marketing and advertising campaigns.

In addition to corporate shoots, drone work, camera work and post-production expertise, Palmer was instrumental in driving engagement and brand awareness for Brisbane SMEs through strategic social media marketing visuals.

Palmer delivers fresh content in the context of meaningful storytelling driven by a filmmaker’s eye. From small passion projects to corporates and commercials, Palmer ensures every project he’s overseeing or supporting is handled with the utmost care, creative brief compliance, and visual ingenuity.

When speaking about his career in the past year, Palmer says, “ I’m very proud to have worked with several returning clients and new clients that had been recommended me through word of mouth.”

Palmer also worked with new clients and offered services involving a wide range of technical film equipment including drone technology. Palmer says, “A new client, specialising in construction, requested drone content to show establishing shots of their builds. I also created film for a leading car rental company, who requested drone shots of the Gold Coast as well as content following one of their ambassadors in a new EV Vehicle.”

“In addition to that I had a number of corporate shoots which involved filming interviews and capturing overlay to tell their companies’ story or give updates on things the company has worked on.”

Jay feels fortunate about having collaborated with a mix of producers, other filmmakers and directors, camera crews, production companies, and more.

“It certainly has been a busy and interesting year, and I look forward to what 2023 has in store,” Palmer says.

With such a positive outlook and an extensive 2022 portfolio, Jay Palmer’s proven capabilities gives marketers, agencies, corporations, and production companies the opportunity to bring a fresh creative aesthetic to important promotional projects.

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