King Of Prussia SEO Expert: AI Digital Marketing Talk Participation Announced

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King of Prussia, PA – Fulcrum Concepts LLC (267-459-8707) announces that its president and local SEO expert, Mike Heffley, will be speaking at Peppers Restaurants BNI chapter on February 27, 2023.

During the upcoming event, local SEO expert, Mike Heffley, will discuss the possible effects AI may have on SEO in 2023 and beyond. AI-powered SEO is designed to perform the same tasks as traditional SEO, such as producing content and creating meta-rich tags and HTML, to improve search rankings. However, because all these are done by advanced technology, there are concerns that millions of SEO workers will lose their jobs in the future.

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During the talk, titled “Will AI affect SEO and Google Search in 2023 and beyond?”, Mike Heffley will share his opinion on the rapidly changing SEO landscape and how it will continue to evolve through new technology.

Some experts believe that advancements in technology have made AI smarter, faster, and more efficient. AI can produce more SEO content at all hours of the day with broadly the same quality. Nevertheless, others argue that even newer technologies cannot understand the subtlety of language and sentence construction – two key components in creating high-quality SEO content. There is also the contention that the industry still needs humans to manage existing SEO strategies and ensure that all techniques are still appropriate for the specific business.

For example, super-niched businesses may require their SEO strategy to change every few years or even months. Fulcrum Concepts says that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for any business, and despite AI, brands should still consider having a human team to handle their overall strategy.

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Fulcrum Concepts is an experienced digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, local SEO, social media management, website design, chatbot creation, and other online marketing services. Though they primarily work with businesses in North America, they also serve several clients worldwide.

A company spokesperson said, “Certain businesses do not make sense for SEO, but may make sense for Facebook Ads for example. Or maybe they are so unique that no one searches for what it is that you do. You can rank #1 for Lime green Gold Fish but if no one is searching for Lime green Gold Fish, that #1 ranking will do you no good.”

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