HR Managed Service Provider | Contract Workers Invoicing Support Announced

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HR managed service provider Prosperix announces timesheet collection and payroll efficiencies built to support contractor and contingent staff invoicing and payment.

The newly announced activities enhance full-service MSP workforce solutions that help partnering companies in all sectors remain agile and sustain scalability. Prosperix uses AI-based innovations to attract, assess, deploy, and manage a high-performance team of contract and contingent employees while also building a pipeline of future candidates and raising brand awareness among today’s labor force.

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As an Employer of Record (EOR), Prosperix provides strategy and advisory support that help companies achieve their workforce goals. They take a consultative approach to future-proofing workplace cultures so companies can instantly increase capacity in step with departmental timelines. With their latest announcement, Prosperix introduces HR teams and company leaders to the payroll management services they take on when they recruit a contractor or temporary employee.

One of the biggest yet overlooked benefits of an MSP for HR teams is the indirect savings they provide. By taking on the complex timesheet collection process to monitor invoicing and payment distribution, Prosperix increases end-to-end cost and time-saving efficiencies.

Partnering companies can turn all contractor remuneration details and responsibilities over to the team at Prosperix for reliable payroll preparation and distribution. The company oversees taxes and withholdings; workers’ compensation coverage; maintenance, verification, and administration of W-4 and I-9 information; benefits administration, including enrollment, reporting, and ACA compliance; and much more for dedicated, streamlined workforce relations management.

With an MSP payroll program in place, companies and HR teams can rest assured that tax-related protocols associated with contingent workforce programs are being handled by experts, thereby shielding themselves from potential errors or oversights.

A company representative says, “We enhance your contingent workforce program by incorporating essential management solutions. These can include workforce strategy, candidate curation and qualification assessments, payroll and EOR services, 1099 AOR services and crucial compliance management. Turn your contingent workforce program over to us for best-in-class management and worry-free scalability.”

With expertise in building workforce excellence, Prosperix manages the entire lifecycle of contingent, contract, or statement of work (SOW) talent. Their latest announcement helps partnering companies continue core employee and company responsibilities while the Prosperix team handles timesheet monitoring, invoicing, payroll, and taxes on the contingent side of the equation.

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