Contingent Workforce MSP | Compliance Management and EOR Services Launched

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Workforce solutions provider Prosperix has expanded its contingent workforce MSP (managed services provider) services for growing companies, offering to manage auditing, contracting, and pay-rolling duties for clients.

Now encompassing compliance management functions, the company’s contingent workforce MSP service can help growing businesses foster agility and scalability while helping them keep up to date with operational requirements.

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Prosperix’s recent service update comes in response to organizations’ increasing reliance on 1099 contractors to support their teams since they require different types of compliance certification than traditional workers. With its MSP services, the company provides full compliance screening and employer-of- record services in order to protect the hiring business’ interests and long-term goals.

Prosperix’s MSP service is designed to support companies aspiring for growth, making external workforce solutions accessible by taking on commitments relating to legality and functionality. The company compiles, verifies, and maintains information related to its client’s entire workforce, providing greater oversight and automating management functions.

As such, the service streamlines administration and minimizes the chance of costly logistical errors. Specifically, the team provides concierge-level solutions by overseeing candidate curation processes, QBRs, compliance management, and pay-rolling obligations. For new businesses and start-ups, outsourcing compliance processes can help protect operations by ensuring they conform to national and state standards.

By joining Prosperix, clients also maintain compliance in a number of areas, particularly when liaising with candidates and suppliers or collecting and storing data and documents. In addition to auditing and reviewing existing compliance measures, the company can also take on an employer-of-record role.

As such, by leveraging optimal flexibility, Prosperix will oversee the creation of a workforce comprised of independent contractors and eliminate the chance of employee misclassification. Their VMS network’s automated supplier management encourages clients to track and optimize the efficacy of their contingent workforce program.

In addition to its compliance-focused MSP service, Prosperix also offers access to an international network of suppliers and pools for businesses to benefit from the capabilities of digital crowd-staffing solutions. Hiring businesses can share in these benefits when they partner with the solutions provider by building a highly adaptable workforce.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Enhance your contingent workforce program by incorporating essential workforce solutions and partnering with our team of experts.”

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