Gourmet Guatemala Coffee Medium Roasted Bourbon Beans From Antigua Launched

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Coffee lovers seeking gourmet coffee that is suitable for morning brews or as an after-dinner beverage can now get a medium-roasted Guatemala from Boss Brew Coffee’s range of premium fresh roasted coffee.

With the addition of its Guatemalan coffee to Boss Brew Coffee’s range, the company offers a coffee with tasting notes of dark chocolate, bright fruits, and butterscotch.

More information is available at https://bossbrewcoffee.shop/products/guatemala

The Florida coffee roaster’s newly launched Guatemala coffee is available in 12oz, 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb bags and can be delivered as whole beans or ground to suit a customer’s preferred brewing style.

Finding a coffee that is ideal for mornings is often the reason many individuals choose a certain bean. However, there are many versatile coffees that are suitable for both morning beverages as well as for after-dinner drinks. Boss Brew Coffee’s medium-roast Guatemala beans provide this range of use with their smooth and fresh profile.

Sourced from smallholder farms in Antigua, the Guatemalan beans include a blend of fully washed and sun-dried Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica beans which are grown in the region’s volcanic loam soil. This combination of natural flavors and processes gives the beans a complex balance of clean and bright fruit notes with a natural dark chocolate sweetness.

Boss Brew Coffee’s Guatemalan coffee is also SHB (Strictly High Bean) certified, meaning the original green beans were grown at altitudes higher than 1350 meters above sea level. By using only SHB-certified coffees, the company ensures the high quality of their beans and their flavors.

By roasting their Guatemalan beans at a medium roast, Boss Brew Coffee has created a brew with a balanced profile that is equally suited for morning beverages or an after-dinner dessert coffee. Furthermore, the beans can also be used for making cold brew coffees to highlight their bright and floral notes.

Having been sourcing and roasting coffee for several years, Boss Brew Coffee has a range that includes 43 varieties of small-batch coffees. Their wide selection means customers can easily find beans that suit their personal taste preferences and brewing styles.

The company’s online store also has coffee machines, grinders, and brewing accessories available for purchase with free US shipping for home deliveries.

When speaking of Boss Brew Coffee’s Guatemalan beans, a recent customer said, “This Guatemalan selection was extremely delicious and satisfying any time of day.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://bossbrewcoffee.shop/products/guatemala

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