AI Blog Writing Tools 2023, Using Jasper & ChatGPT For Marketing Report Launched

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TurboStackers, an online resource for digital entrepreneurs, has launched a new report on the impacts of AI on blog writing, the effectiveness of several different AI programs, and how their various features compare.

This new report launched by TurboStackers explores how artificial intelligence software tools are being developed to assist in creative blog writing, which tools are currently available, and the differences between them.

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Since 2020, several tools have been announced that claim to help writers generate unique, engaging, and accurate blogs on nearly any topic. In its newest report, TurboStackers explains why each tool provides different results, how to find the correct AI tool for most jobs, and how new users can incorporate AI writing tools into their existing blogs.

TurboStackers discusses seven different AI tools that have been popular over the last few years, including Jasper AI, ChatGPT, Word Hero, and Frase. In the full report, users can find full comparisons between the different tools, explanations of the most common uses for each software type, and suggestions for how some tools can be combined to optimize the results.

While the report is primarily focused on using AI software to write blogs, it also discusses how some AI tools have been used to complete entire books in as little as one week. Experts believe that, when used properly, these tools can help writers to create new content up to ten times faster than their original writing speed, while also reducing burnout.

TurboStackers explores the future of these tools and suggests that the developers of at least one tool, Jasper AI, are working to include AI-generated audio and video as well. With these upgrades, the software could then create a full suite of multimedia content, from podcasts to streaming videos.

Though the tools are constantly being improved, after several months of testing the TurboStackers team found several drawbacks that have not been addressed yet. One of the most important details they noticed is a lack of built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features.

While these features would make AI writers more effective at generating marketing materials, at present, they are not available from any of the top-performing AI assistants. However, the report includes a method optimized by the TurboStackers team, which uses a 3rd party application combined with an AI writing tool, to manage on-page SEO.

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