DataCorps & ThreatWarrior Security Partnership To Prevent Cyberattacks Announced

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DataCorps Technology Solutions has partnered with ThreatWarrior to deploy IT security measures through a comprehensive cyber threat detection platform, protecting clients across the Southeastern United States from cyberattacks.

As a leading provider of technology solutions and IT services, DataCorps Technology Solutions has partnered with ThreatWarrior, a major player in network detection and response (NDR). The partnership allows DataCorps to offer platform-based AI-driven threat detection against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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The partnership comes at a time when people and businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly vulnerable in the digital space. Industry research indicates that rapid digitalization during the pandemic has left the healthcare, education, small business, and financial sectors vulnerable to cyberattacks by malicious actors.

DataCorps believes that institutions and businesses must invest in intelligent threat detection to address the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats adequately.

The collaboration between DataCorps and ThreatWarrior integrates the expertise and experience of both companies, allowing the former to further enhance and extend its top-level security services to businesses across the Southeastern US.

Angel Rojas, President and CEO at DataCorps Technology Solutions, commented, “ThreatWarrior has a proven track record of success in the network detection and response market. At DataCorps, our focus is to help our clients effectively achieve their technology goals by delivering the best solutions possible. ThreatWarrior’s commitment to delivering innovations in NDR makes it a natural choice as we expand our cybersecurity portfolio and help our customers solve their toughest technology challenges.”

ThreatWarrior offers a unique approach to network security, combining deep learning artificial intelligence and human expertise to provide a comprehensive solution. Key differentiators of its platform include complete network visibility backed by contextual intelligence required to analyze, understand, and counter various attacks.

With this partnership, DataCorps Technology Solutions can now offer ThreatWarrior’s state-of-the-art security tools to its clients, taking them to the forefront of the war against cybercrime.

“One day, a security tool began unexpectedly scanning our network. It turned out to be benign — the vendor added this functionality in an auto-update but never informed us,” reported a customer. “ThreatWarrior detected this anomaly when no other tool did. This gives us the confidence that ThreatWarrior provides a much-needed additional layer of protection over our security supply chain.”

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