West Lake Village Dental Bonding Tooth Repair For Chips, Stains & Gaps Expanded

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Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-988-8985) has expanded its dental repair service for clients in West Lake Village to include fast dental bonding, a common choice for repairing minor damage and cosmetic issues or fixing certain chewing problems.

This expanded fast repair service from Anacapa Dental Art Institute can help clients to fix minor bite issues, chips, gaps, or cosmetic damage to their teeth, without requiring multiple visits or anesthesia for most cases.

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The dental bonding procedure allows for many minor dental issues to be corrected using a simple, single-day process that can both correct aesthetic issues and help to prevent future damage. Though minor dental damage is a common problem, studies show that even slight cosmetic issues can lead to major changes in a client’s self-esteem, and if left untreated, may also lead to the development of more severe health concerns.

While many dental repair options require extensive surgery or working with a third-party supplier for custom-fit prosthetics, the dental bonding procedure is completed entirely in-house and is minimally invasive. To cover damaged or unsightly areas, the dentist can use a resin-composite material to build new layers on top of the affected teeth, directly in the client’s mouth.

The resin is entirely safe and only dries when exposed to a special light, which allows the dental team time to perfect the shape of each tooth. Once dried, the resin is permanent and color-matched to the surrounding teeth, to provide a smile that is both natural-looking and effective for eating nearly any food.

The dental bonding technique works similarly to porcelain veneers, though with several important differences. Porcelain veneers are often considered more natural-looking, due to how the porcelain reflects light. They are also known to be stronger and can last significantly longer than dental bonding.

However, while porcelain veneers can take up to 3 visits to install, dental bonding can often be completed in a single visit, at a significantly lower rate. The right procedure will depend on the individual, their teeth, and their desired outcomes, and should be discussed with an experienced dental professional.

A spokesperson explained, “Though dental bonding has a shorter lifespan and can stain more easily than veneers, it is still a great solution when used on smaller cosmetic imperfections in your smile.”

More information about the dental bonding procedure, how it compares to porcelain veneers, and the Anacapa Dental Art Institute can be found at https://www.anacapadental.com

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