UK Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, Body Temperature Regulating Bedding Range Updated

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Mayfairsilk has launched its updated range of high-quality Mulberry silk pillowcases that feature temperature-regulating qualities for customers wanting more consistent and better quality sleep.

To provide consumers with enhanced comfort and quality of sleep, each pillowcase of Mayfairsilk’s recently expanded range is made from 25 Mulberry momme silk. This high-quality silk provides several advantages, including maintaining skin hydration levels and regulating body temperature.

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The company’s newly updated silk pillowcase collection features various designs in a range of colours, including white, pastel blue, midnight blue, and pink. They also come with different patterns, with the jungle, cherry blossom, hummingbird, and flamingo prints being among the selection’s highlights.

While cotton and other fabrics are broadly used as materials for pillowcases, they are often the cause of issues such as skin irritation and the absorption of moisture from hair. Additionally, their absorptive qualities can cause increased warmth, further impacting sleep. Silk pillowcases such as those handcrafted by Mayfairsilk offer a cooling alternative that creates and maintains an optimum sleeping temperature.

As the company only uses 100% silk, their pillowcases offer consistent temperature-regulating and skin hydration benefits, in addition to being hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Mayfairsilk also uses silk measured at an industry-leading 25 momme weave, which offers a more durable and high-quality finish than lower momme ratings.

To give customers the opportunity to buy products that match their personal style preferences, the company offers its silk pillowcases in a range of styles, featuring different combinations of piping, and border. Customers can find matching silk bed sheets, fitted sheets, and duvet covers to create complete bedding sets.

London-based Mayfairsilk is an environmentally conscious company that is dedicated to creating Mulberry silk products that are both luxurious and sustainable. To this end, all of the company’s pillowcases are bio-degradable and free from toxic chemicals and dyes.

Mayfairsilk currently ships its products worldwide, with free delivery in mainland UK for orders over £50. The pillowcases are machine-washable, require minimal maintenance, and come packaged in a luxury gift box.

A recent buyer of a Mayfairsilk pillowcase said, “I never knew how badly I needed a silk pillowcase. My skin feels better, my hair is somehow softer, and the pillowcase stays cool on warm nights.”

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