Mount Eden Auckland Teeth Extraction With Oral Sedation | Painless Tooth Removal

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All Smiles Dental (0800 255 764), a full-service dental clinic in Mount Eden, Auckland has expanded its tooth extraction options to provide a more comfortable experience, particularly for clients that require their wisdom teeth surgically removed.

Though dental work is an essential part of healthcare, research shows that as many as 1 in 3 clients put off getting their teeth repaired for as long as possible, often because of a fear of the dentist. The expanded services from All Smiles Dental in Mount Eden work to improve client comfort before, during, and after their dental procedures, using advanced technology to reduce surgical trauma caused by common procedures, such as tooth extractions.

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Through the use of advanced laser technology, All Smiles Dental can reduce the healing time for its clients and minimize their post-operative discomfort. Their team is fully trained and certified in using lasers for dental surgery, which allows them to eliminate the need for scalpels in many standard procedures.

This technique is often used by All Smiles Dental when surgically removing wisdom teeth, which is an operation that can require a sizable incision for each tooth. A recent study(1) on the benefits of laser incisions shows that this method reduces the amount of anesthesia required, as well as blood loss during the operation.

The study also shows that clients who had laser incisions reported feeling less pain than clients who had scalpel incisions, for up to 3 days after the procedure. When combined with All Smiles Dental sedation options, this allows clients to have a painless, relaxed visit, with minimal discomfort both during and after their procedure. More information about sedation options is available at

All Smiles Dental offers both oral and intravenous sedation that can help clients to relax during their visit, and prevent any pain during their procedure. The sedation options are administered by a trained and certified professional. Though unlike with the general anesthesia often used in hospitals, clients will remain awake and aware, but unconcerned about their procedure.

Clients concerned about discomfort or pain can also access Invisalign clear aligners through All Smiles Dental, which offers a less invasive option for straightening teeth, for both children and adults. Though Invisalign is not for everyone, clear aligners can often help to straighten teeth faster than traditional metal braces, and with less discomfort.

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DOI: 10.31031/MRD.2020.06.000630