Gilbert Commercial Auto Insurance Tips For Lower Fleet Rate Guide Launched

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Insurance Brokers of Arizona (+1-480-812-1998) has released a new video highlighting four areas where businesses can reduce spending. It explains simple changes that business owners can make to create a better-tailored solution.

The new video is part of a growing library of online educational content for consumers and businesses looking to find the right insurance solution in Arizona. Based in Gilbert, Insurance Brokers of Arizona also serves the areas of Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale.

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The latest release emphasizes four tips and strategies for obtaining the best rates on commercial auto insurance. They focus on practical, straightforward advice to help businesses reduce their insurance costs while maintaining adequate coverage for their vehicles.

The spokesperson in the video advises increasing the deductible, which can significantly lower the overall annual premium. It is important to have enough funds set aside to cover the deductibles in case of an accident.

The video also explains that checking the motor vehicle records (MVRs) of prospective drivers before hiring can help clients to access better rates. Hiring drivers with clean records will result in lower insurance rates compared to those with multiple accidents or tickets.

Thirdly, the Arizona insurance company advises participating in the telematics program offered by an insurance carrier. These programs monitor the driving habits of drivers and can only result in lower insurance rates.

Arizona businesses seeking the best insurance rates are encouraged to explore payment options, as many insurance carriers offer discounts for paid-in-full policies or waived monthly service fees for automatic monthly payments. It is recommended that businesses review these options with an insurance agent to see if they qualify for any discounts.

Insurance Brokers of Arizona has an experienced and knowledgeable team and is committed to providing transparent and reliable customer service for local clients. The company offers competitive pricing and can insure a wide range of businesses, regardless of their size or experience. By following the tips outlined in their new video, businesses can find a more tailored insurance solution that meets their requirements more effectively.

A spokesperson for the business states: “Insurance Brokers of Arizona is based in Gilbert and services Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale for your business insurance needs. We can insure about any business, any experience and offer competitive pricing to ensure you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.”

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