SwifDoo PDF To Enhance the Optical Character Recognition Performance

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(Newswire.net — February 24, 2023) — OCR (abbr. for Optical Character Recognition) tools allow you to read text from photos, scans, and other closed graphic documents. This also applies to a closed PDF. This solution is also used by some translation applications, such as Google Translate. 

There are many PDF solutions available that use OCR technology. You can download them under both commercial and free licenses. They also differ in their effectiveness in recognizing text, as well as in the availability of additional functions – some even have translation functions. Which solution you choose depends primarily on your needs, expectations, and financial capabilities. In this way, you can translate scanned content much faster, while maintaining the original layout of the pages.

What are free OCR programs for your computer? 

Although various tools use OCR technology, not all of them will be useful in the PDF industry. The most important function should be not only text recognition but above all the ability to quickly copy it to a text editor. It is also worth paying attention to the options thanks to which you can modify the PDFs. Moving image-only PDF files to another place requires many operations. This disrupts the entire workflow process. For this reason, e.g. the SwifDoo PDF application copes well with reading the characters in the graphics. 

From the point of converting documents, e.g. PDF documents, into editable ones, solutions available on desktop computers or operating on dedicated websites, using a browser, will be much more convenient. There are a number of dedicated PDF OCR tools that will help you convert scanned content much more efficiently.

How It Works: SwifDoo PDF OCR

A variety of methods are used to transpose a document into an electronic version. One of them is raster recognition – the SwifDoo PDF software compares the scanned character with all similar ones in the database. The OCR technology determines the characteristics typical of a given sign – not only the typeface but also the empty spaces in it. The third method is structure recognition – in this case, a specific character is decomposed into curves, the position and inclination of which are used for identification.

The term OCR is a technology whose purpose is to identify the characters on a graphic file (often a scan of a printout or handwriting) and convert them into a text file. The software uses pattern recognition methods to transform a physical document into its electronic version. 

The conversion process can be divided into several stages:

The first step is to load the image-only PDF file, after which the program extracts its components, i.e. determines the location of the text, graphic elements, and empty spaces;

Then the software analyzes the features of the text and compares the characters with the database of patterns.

The last step is to convert the characters into an editable PDF file.

Securely recognize with SwifDoo PDF online converter

In the case of SwifDoo PDF online converter, attachments are removed after a maximum of one hour. The developer of SwifDoo PDF guarantees complete data security. The SwifDoo PDF desktop program allows you to save documents in the local drive and provides encrypted options. Thanks to these functions, you can be sure that the scanned documents will not leak and fall into the wrong hands.

Benefits of the SwifDoo PDF OCR service

In addition to simple operation, the SwifDoo PDF OCR feature has many other advantages that can be introduced to your work with one click. 

  • Time-saving – Probably the biggest advantage of technology. Thanks to it, there is no need to manually rewrite documents, as well as to use significant amounts of energy to decrypt individual information from a PDF file.
  • Archiving – The OCR program not only helps in creating text files but also allows you to store them in an electronic archive. Thanks to this option, finding documents also becomes easier – just enter a keyword or phrase to get a list of results.
  • Improved document flow – The OCR system also helps in this matter by automating some processes. In addition, documents can be subjected to several processes at the same time, which significantly speeds up the execution of the order.

In Closing

Importantly, OCR scanning does not require investment in expensive equipment. With some online OCR services, we will not be able to work with large files – so all kinds of complex graphics, larger texts, or more complex forms will not be read. The SwifDoo PDF OCR scanner is an extremely useful tool that you will use in your company or daily life. 

The currently used OCR technology enables a significant acceleration of document flow and digitization, but it will certainly not be the only application of this solution. One of the possible futures of OCR technology is its combination with deep learning and neural networks imitating the work of the human brain. This will enable even greater acceleration of already used processes and will translate into improved efficiency in others. The software will be able to recognize, interpret, and structure characters. This will allow you to use it effectively and quickly.