VR & AR Immersive Interactive Training Simulation For Managers: Upgrade

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Sequel MV has updated its customizable immersive training offerings, capable of scaling programs through VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

The development company’s recently expanded training simulation tools enable businesses to overhaul their skill development programs and overcome geographical or logistical limitations.

More information is available at https://www.sequelmv.com

The updated tools illustrate Sequel MV’s success in VR and XR (extended reality) marketing campaigns and immersive training to staff learning and talent nurturing by developing a platform that can train managers in the manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries.

Its software development team recently collaborated on creating virtual and simulated training experiences for a major pest control company and also helped it craft some of their video marketing campaigns.

Eliminating potential hazards to untrained staff, the simulation tool is ideal for high-stress and high-risk jobs in a number of sectors and has been extensively trialed.. The AR training software works by superimposing the user’s environment with computer-generated elements that they can interact with, such as equipment, tools, or materials. Alternatively, it can replicate real-life situations and troubleshoot potential mistakes through a combination of screens, and other technologies.

Similarly, its VR software creates an entirely immersive experience that can use a headset to simulate a digital environment. As such, it can place managers in virtual or augmented situations that can teach learners advanced techniques without wasting resources, breaking equipment, or risking their safety.

By overlaying machines and technical equipment with interactive, digital elements, Sequel MV’s software minimizes the risk of human error when training managers and employees on new equipment which might otherwise be dangerous.

Sequel MV’s software can be integrated with scored learning and journey-tracking tools to measure employee progress and monitor their skill growth. In addition to the added protection to staff, the immersive programs offer businesses and organizations accessibility and flexibility when it comes to deploying a custom program.

Moreover, research shows that immersive gamification of training programs can better resonate with and engage staff, encouraging them to learn advanced skills faster, which saves the business resources in the long run.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.sequelmv.com

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