Service Industry Custom VR Development Software Platform 2023 Update

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Sequel MV has updated its interactive virtual reality experiences for service providers and manufacturers looking to scale their staff training.

The service update leverages the latest advances in gamified training programs to create immersive experiences that engage employees and incentivize them to develop new skills.

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Sequel MV’s new learning tool combines AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality) technologies to generate immersive, interactive environments ideal for risk-free staff training and skill development. Through its scored learning and custom training programs, the software eliminates many of the safety risks and logistical hurdles that service and utility companies face when introducing new equipment or techniques to their workforce.

Sequel MV’s AR training tools, for example, can enhance users’ real-world perceptions with digital overlays that they can interact with to hone techniques before applying them to actual materials or environments. This custom development can be integrated into employee onboarding or distributed throughout international operations to standardize company processes.

Besides minimizing waste, risk, and company downtime incurred by technician training, the software can help service providers and manufacturers overcome the geographical and travel limitations that would otherwise increase their overheads. The VR simulation offers custom data features that enable scored learning and competitive training, as well as journey tracking so that progress can be monitored and optimized over time.

Sequel MV consults with service, manufacturing and utility industry clients to understand their unique training requirements and their existing skill development initiatives. From this, its software developers will tailor systems and simulations to create highly interactive staff and technician training tools.

About Sequel MV

Previously, Sequel MV has partnered with retailers, including Bridgestone Golf, on VR-driven product promotions, leveraging interactive marketing experiences to challenge traditional advertising campaigns in the retail industry. Since then, it has extrapolated its content marketing software to gamified training and the immersive learning sector, designing and deploying custom VR and AR programs to minimize safety risks in utility, healthcare, and service provider skill development. A portfolio of its past and upcoming projects is available to browse on the company site.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting or calling 615 241-5734.