New Orleans, Restaurant Food Delivery Service With No hidden Fees Launched

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Out Do Delivery is marketing a new food delivery service that is now working with independent restaurants in New Orleans.

The purpose of the new online app is to offer smaller and more modest restaurants in the NOLA area, and their patrons, more affordable and efficient delivery. As such, unlike their nationwide competitors, restaurants are getting no percentage fees on all deliveries.

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The launch of a new competitor in the local Louisiana delivery scene coincides with ongoing criticisms that have been leveled against the country’s biggest delivery food platforms. As a recent article on Medium explained, the biggest apps in the food delivery scene currently charge customers a 15% service fee, a delivery fee and an additional fee, generally $2, for small orders. On top of that, restaurants have to pay up to 30% commission on every order. Yet, as Medium also explains, these apps typically pay their drivers as little as $0.99 to $3.99 per delivery.

With these figures in mind, Out Do Delivery believes there is a better way to do delivery service, so that it benefits restaurants, patrons and drivers. As such, the app is coming to the local area. Their mission, in their own words, is to be an app “that doesn’t make more off of your food than you do”.

The developers behind the app believe that the main benefits of their platform for small and independent restauranteurs is that they have no percentage fees, no surprise fees and no exclusivity agreements. They also have a marketing support team to help increase a restaurant’s customer base.

Hungry diners also get transparent pricing with less menu up-charge and low-cost deliveries. Likewise, Out Do Delivery believes they can outdo their competition when it comes to fair wages and benefits for drivers.

Out Do Delivery is currently rolling out in the New Orleans area and in other key regions in Louisiana. Also, now launching the new referral benefits system, which applies between restaurants, patrons and drivers.

The app is available on both iOS and Android mobile.

A spokesperson for the low-cost food delivery service said, “With our new app, drivers are making more money, restaurants are paying lower fees and enjoying easier menu management, and customers are also paying lower fees on their orders.”

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