Police, LEO NFC Chip Challenge Coin: Custom Design & Minting Services Updated

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Premium memorabilia designer Gray Water Ops has expanded the design and style catalog for their challenge coin products.

To learn more, visit https://www.graywaterops.com/nfcchallengecoins

This latest move is in line with Gray Water Ops’ commitment to the customers they serve and to creating a quality, long-lasting product. These new design options will provide anyone with even greater freedom in customization and personalization as well as access to many new specialty options.

These new coin designs also take advantage of the company’s proprietary NFC integration technology, which allows challenge coins to serve a function beyond the sentimental value they provide.

The NFC chip can activate any receiver when passed nearby and can be programmed to serve a variety of functions. These include automatically linking to URLs such as a department website or charity drive and the automatic import of contact information to a requisite device.

NFC chips are housed in solid brass casings, which can be customized with reeded edges or beveled for a more three-dimensional look.

Other customization options can be explored with the Gray Water Ops custom design service; interested clients can work with the company’s professional graphic design team to bring the customer’s vision to life. Clients can also upload their own designs and optionally transform them into a 3D rendering that can then be carved into the coin face.

Challenge coins are a centuries-old tradition that has historically been used to build camaraderie and trust within military or police units. With this design expansion, Gray Water Ops is offering these organizations a fully customizable and programmable version of a classic keepsake, adding an additional layer to this tradition.

Here’s what world renowned Artist Dick Kramer had to say about Gray Water Ops, “I’ve seen a lot of coins, most of them junk. This is without a doubt, the most beautifully rendered coin I’ve ever seen. This is from a drawing of my son Steve. It’s called ‘The Grunt’ when he was in the Marines. It’s probably the most famous drawing in the Marine Corps. We’ve seen it on everything from cups to shot glasses to covering a guys entire back as a tattoo, Ah, it’s amazing but you’ve done a great job.” — Artist Dick Kramer December, 2021

Gray Water Ops is owned and operated by veterans, and they maintain the level of quality and craftsmanship that one might expect from a military background. They are committed to quality and the veteran community and regularly donate to veterans’ health organizations during their charity sale events.

For more information, visit https://www.graywaterops.com/nfcchallengecoins

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