AO Pack box-making machinery represented by Lake View Sales of Azle, Texas

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Lake View Sales of Azle, Texas celebrates its 25th year in business by adding the AO Pack boxmaker line of machinery.

Lake View Sales specializes in supplying short-run box-making machines to businesses that need a variety of box sizes/styles in small quantities (1-1000) on a JIT schedule. Businesses that want to reduce their box inventory, waste, and cost should look at a short-run boxmaker. Lake View Sales has short-run boxmakers that can make over 100 different box styles in almost any custom size. Machines that can be set up in 60-90 seconds to make a particular box size/style. Machines that can produce 300 boxes and more per hour. Lake View Sales’ short-run boxmakers allow customers to make what they need when they need it. “Our new line of AO Pack boxmakers provides all of these benefits,” said Owner Jerry Jenkins.

Lake View Sales offers a wide variety of new and used short-run boxmaking machines. Short-run machines are designed and built to be operated by almost anyone with very minimal training. Consider a business that needs 27 of a certain box size or style, then later needs 73 of a different size or style…and this is a regular occurrence. A regular box supplier is usually not equipped to deliver irregular quantities of custom sizes. Then there are the issues of timeliness and cost. A short-run boxmaker may offer the solution. Businesses with their own boxmaker control their own schedule. Also, making a couple custom box sizes or styles on their own machine is going to be far less costly.

Today’s short-run machines are the best yet. For example, Lake View Sales offers the BM series of models from AO Pack that can automatically feed up to 30 corrugated board sheets…or can feed continuous-length fan fold corrugated sheet stock. The machines can cut the sheets to exact size, score and slot to produce the style and precise size required. Multiple boxes can be produced from a single sheet if it is large enough. An operator can also simply feed a single sheet into the machine to produce a single, unique box size/style.

With over 25 years of experience, Lake View Sales knows how to determine whether a short-run boxmaking machine makes sense in a given application. There are multiple factors to consider. Some are more important to certain customers and not others. “We have some customers who have paid for their machine with just the savings from their reduced box inventory,” said Jenkins. Further, the cost of obsolete and damaged boxes can be virtually eliminated.

For more information, people should contact Jerry directly at Lake View Sales via email at or by phone at 817-270-1019.